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Annual Conference & Exhibition


2022 Annual Conference Presentations

How to Create a More Balanced, Safer, and More Sustainable Transportation in Washington State

  • Celeste Gilman, Strategic Policy Administrator in WSDOT’s Active Transportation Division, WSDOT.

  • John Milton, Director of WSDOT’s Transportation Safety and Systems Analysis Division, WSDOT

  • Pam Vasudeva, State Transportation Systems Management and Development Engineer in WSDOT’s Transportation Operations Division, WSDOT

Session 1A:
Complete Street Network and Safe Systems

Ideas for Enhancing User Experience for People Walking and Riding Bicycles.

Vision Zero and the Use of ITS Technologies in Collision Investigations

Scalable Techniques to Study the Equitable Distribution and Condition of US Sidewalks

Session 1B:
Connected Vehicles and Infrastructure

Connecting All Road Users to a Single Safety Messaging Platform


Cost-Effective Innovation Internet of Things (IoT) Technology for Comprehensive Traffic Sensing and Connected Vehicle Applications


Wyoming Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment


Trajectory Based Signal Performance Measures –What are they? And how can they help agencies improve performance and reduce emissions?

Session 2A:
Ensuring Equity and Accessibility

Estimating a Demographic Profile for Central Puget Sound Region Freeways


K-12 STEM Outreach: PacTrans UW Introduction to Autonomous Cars Middle School Course


How Ensuring Equity in Transportation Can Transform Communities and Save Lives


Using Mobility Datta and Analytics to Improve Road Safety for all Road Users from Commercial Carriers and Passenger Cars to Pedestrians and Bicyclists

Session 2B:
Smart City Initiatives and Technology

Leveraging Automation for Mobility and Safety Solutions


Harnessing AI Technology to Improve Traffic Flow and Safe Lives


SynchroGreen Adaptive: The Wait for Safer Roads Stops Here

  • Dustin Hinds, Senior Account Executive for ITS Sales, Cubic Transformation Systems


SDOT’s Use of Probe Data to Improve Our Network

Lunch Presentation:
Inclusion Confusion No More

  • Diana Giraldo, PE, Associate Vice President/Senior Project Manager, HNTB

  • Brookside Barton, Senior Engineer, Jacobs

  • Julien Geiser, Director,Corporate Support, Greatheart Consulting

Incident Management at the New York State Bridge Authority


AASHTO Transportation Operations Manual

  • Les Jacobson, Vice President & Senior Director, WSP USA


Next Generation Transit Signal Priority


Improving Work Zone & Traffic Notifications through New Technology and Digital Standards

Session 3B:
UW ITS$US Complete Trip Project
A Case Study in the Application of ITS and Big Data to Improve Situational Awareness for Disadvantaged Travelers

Background on the ITS3US CompleteTrip National Program

Project Overview

ConOps and System Architecture


Passive Pedestrian Detection (Related Regional Project)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our meeting planners at or call our administrative support team at (406) 273-7224. 

Thanks to our 2022 Annual Conference Sponsors & Exhibitors!


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