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Recorded Sessions & Webinars

2021 Annual Meeting

ITSWA 2021 Opening Keynote:
Kristin White, Chief Operating Officer
ITS America

Breaking Down the Transit & Traffic Silos

Pacific Northwest transportation agencies have been collaborating and breaking down the silos to provide a seamless and better transportation experience for the traveling public. Decision-makers’ and stakeholders’ are more willing and interested in understanding how to make transportation more seamless and integrated. Technology, such as Transit Signal Priority (TSP), has provided a medium in which both traffic and transit agencies can collaborate, innovate, and optimize how people move about the transportation network. This panel presentation and Q&A will discuss how agencies are partnering to deploy technology that supports and promotes reliable multimodal travel options.


  • Susie Serres, PE, DKS Associates

  • Owen Kehoe, King County Metro Transit

  • Robert Acevedo, HDR

Tech Demo: Leveraging Today's Technologies for Tomorrow's Solutions

David Shahon (CT Northwest) will provide a short discussion on today's technologies that meets the needs of tomorrow's connected vehicles.


  • Carol Schweiger, Schweiger Consulting LLC

  • Victoria Sheehan, Commissioner, NHDOT and President, AASHTO; New Hampshire Department of Transportation/AASHTO

Diverse Accessible, Equitable & Inclusive Technology Enabled Mobility

While in the past, ITS has had impacts on safety, mobility and the environment, we have only just begun to recognize that ITS is not always accessible or beneficial to everyone. Incorporating accessibility, equity, inclusivity and diversity into ITS systems is critical since we know that some ITS deployments have hurt segments of our population who have long gone unheard, and are invisible and vulnerable. This session will examine ITS from this perspective. Overlooking culture, gender, religion, and physical ability are only some of areas that can lead to wasted time, diminished safety, and increased costs. This session will cover issues such as the lack of diversity in planning and designing technology-enabled mobility services, inherent biases in transport data and data analysis, lack of gender-based mobility solutions and not incorporating accessibility into ITS technologies (e.g., automated vehicles).

Special Keynote:
Dongho Chang, State Traffic Engineer
Washington Department of Transportation

Facing Challenges to Freight and Port Operations in Washington

Freight is experiencing the same types of rapid change as other modes, but it experiences unique challenges and situations that set it apart from the others. What strategies can we apply to enhance goods movement, improving the experience at various stages in the supply chain? This panel presentation and Q&A will explore some of what is being done to apply AI-related research, plan for TSMO at the port/intermodal level, and programmatically pursue initiatives regionally and statewide to meet the future needs and challenges of freight in Washington.


  • Karthik Murthy, WSDOT

  • Hao Yang, STAR Lab PhD Student

  • Christine Wolf, Northwest Seaport Alliance

  • Jason Beloso, WSDOT

Tech Demo: FMX - The Blank Out Sign of the Future

Muhammad Miah (SES America Inc.) shares about SES America. SES America is a complete digital signage (DMS, VMS, etc.) manufacturer that constantly innovates. Their latest innovation is the FMX - the BOS of the future that will benefit agencies and the public.

Is EVSE ITS?: 5 Cutting Edge Electromobility Technologies

All modes of transportation will soon be powered by electricity but what does this have to do with ITS? This session will present an overview of intelligent electric vehicle charging technologies that are or will soon be powering the electromobility revolution. This is your chance to learn about 5 cutting edge technologies including: adaptive power load management; near field communication-based charging; bidirectional (V2X) charging; and, of course, automated (inductive and robotic) charging.


  • Anna Bella Korbatov, Fermata Energy

  • James Carter, Powerhydrant

  • Urvi Nagrani, Powerflex

  • Bob Kacergis, Momentum Dynamics Corporation

2021 Webinars

ITSWA Webinar Virtual Corridors TMCs

ITSWA Webinar: TSMO and Equity Webinar

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