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WEBINAR: Virtual Corridors/TMCs: Examples and Lessons Learned

Thursday, July 15, 2021

2:00-3:00pm PDT


Panelists: (see bios below)

  • Brian Peterson, UC Berkeley

  • Travis Phelps, WSDOT

  • Marie-Claude Seguin, Versilis Inc

Moderator: Justin Belk, WSDOT

The operation of transportation corridors typically involves competing needs from traveler modes, incidents and planned events, and also the jurisdictions managing and accessing the public right-of-way. Facilities and services on a corridor are often independently operated, and efforts to date to reduce congestion and provide incident response have focused on the optimization of the performance of individual assets. More recently agencies are collaborating and leveraging technology and data in the form of Virtual Traffic Management Centers (TMCs) to improve corridor operations. This webinar will highlight efforts made within the States of Washington and California.



peterson_resized500 (1).jpg

Brian Peterson, UC Berkley

Bio: Brian Peterson has 35 years of experience in aerospace engineering, systems engineering, software development, and engineering management. He led the software development effort for California's Connected Corridors program and its push to a cloud-native traffic management system. He is currently involved in efforts to improve transportation systems integration and related data communications standards. 

Travis Phelps.jpg

Travis Phelps, WSDOT

Bio: Travis Phelps has been with the Washington State Department of Transportation for more than 18 years and currently resides in the agency’s new Management of Mobility division. With a strong background in emergency management and crisis communications, he’s been a key player during many of the agency’s biggest challenges including the I-5 Skagit Bridge Collapse, SR 530 Landslide and demolition of the SR 99 Alaskan Way Viaduct. He spends his days focused on developing interagency systems and partnerships to better manage major regional construction closures, emergency response and incident related congestion.


Marie-Claude Seguin, Versilis Inc

Bio: Marie-Claude is a civil engineer professional who specializes in highway safety. She is currently VP for Versilis Inc, an engineering and manufacturing company specializing in automated traffic control solutions. Marie has over 15 years of highway safety experience. She is currently in charge of the company's business development and she also oversees client projects. Dedicated to her work, her team members and to her client's project success, she will always take the time to provide professional and helpful guidance.


Justin Belk, WSDOT [Moderator]

Bio: Justin Belk has over 13 years of experience in the public and private sectors in transportation engineering and operations, from planning through design and implementation. He currently oversees statewide ITS operations efforts at the Washington State Department of Transportation in areas such as traffic management, joint operations, and cooperative automated transportation. As a member of the ITS Washington Board, he hopes to elevate ITS and TSMO practice in the state.

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